Welcome to my collection of images!

The pictures, I am showing here, are mostly a result of a projection of ideas inhabiting my imagination over the existing reality. I want to collect those ideas – or rather their visual projections – using my camera.

Exploring the geography of ones imaginary world means navigating between clichés, reprints, archetypes.

Symbols and motifs in visual culture are constantly recurring, being patterned, copied, quoted, imitated. I obviously cannot avoid using and adopting them, but I am striving to make them unique. I want to know, which are inspiring me the most, which influence me now or in the past.

When looking around, I am trying to catch this moment when reality holds in for a while to make room for a viewer’s imagination to continue the story. The “projection” moment!
To discover visual impulse to emotional experience.

To catch and archive the moment when daydreaming starts.



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